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After the wedding, many brides are choosing to dry their bridal bouquets to have as a keepsake from their big day.

While we love this idea, it’s important to note that not all flowers can be dried because they could rot or fall apart. Since drying doesn’t work for every type of bloom, it’s not always the best way to preserve a bouquet. If you have your heart set on drying your bouquet, ask us about blooms that work best for this process.

For those wanting to try to dry their bouquet, here are some tips:

  1. Take bridal bouquet apart. Discard blooms that cannot be dried. Feel free to ask us which blooms can and cannot be dried!
  2. Hang blooms upside down in a cool, dry place for a week. You may hang the blooms either individually or in groupings.
  3. To flatten the blooms to place in a keepsake frame, you can use a thick book like a hardcover dictionary. Place paper towels on a spread towards the middle of the book. Set the blooms on the paper towels and close the book.

Floral: Artemisia Studios | Vase: Matthew Cawley Ceramics |

Photos: Client Jessica Garcia | Framed Photos: Jeannine Marie Photography

Good luck drying your bouquet! We hope the process works for you! Be sure to send us photos of what you do with the dried blooms. Don’t want to preserve your bouquet? Here are six ideas for what you can do with your bouquet and other wedding floral!


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