5 Reasons To Not DIY Your Wedding Floral

Many couples nowadays are trying Do-It-Yourself (DIY) projects in order to cut wedding costs. Vendors, number of guests, and other fees all add up when planning a wedding. While we encourage couples to stick to their budget, we also encourage to not DIY your wedding floral! Here’s why:

  1.  Freshness

DIY flowers are not always fresh at the wedding. Even professionals spray their arrangements while setting up at a wedding to guarantee a picture perfect appearance that will last. For brides who choose to DIY their floral, this means getting flowers the morning of the wedding (unless you have somewhere to put all the flowers overnight that will keep them fresh and in good condition) and then transporting them to the venue.

  1. Time

DIY’ing floral is not a quick, one-hour task. Bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, and any decorative floral arrangements take time! Your wedding morning is already going to be hectic with getting ready and dealing with last minute details. Plus, your bridesmaids will thank you if they’re not scrambling to finish putting together all of the floral an hour before photos start!

  1. Color

Matching flowers with your wedding theme and colors is important. Florists know which flowers and colors look best together. They also know what can be added to the bouquet to really make a certain color pop by using filler flowers.

  1. Alternatives

A big concern about hiring a florist is the cost. But many florists work with their couples to brainstorm the perfect floral without breaking the bank. When flowers are out of season or too expensive, a professional will be able to suggest alternatives that still look beautiful. Brides trying to DIY may not consider these other options which might lead to ordering more expensive flowers!

  1. Presentation

Unless your aunt or college roommate worked at a floral shop for a few years, it’s very likely that the final outcome will not be what the bride envisioned (we’ve all seen the Pinterest Fails). In the morning rush, the flowers tend to get thrown together. The bouquet wrap might be a tangled mess, the boutonniere may be a spout of falling flowers, and the aisle arrangements might not look identical. The wedding photos will last a lifetime, and the last thing the bride wants to discover on her wedding day is that something is not picture perfect.


DIY projects aren’t easy and the last thing we want is to hear about a bride struggling with something on the wedding day that could have been prevented! If you’re in the Minneapolis area and are interested in a professional florist or if you are debating between DIY wedding floral or a professional, set up a consultation with Artemisia Studios.

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  1. Josey Staffod says:

    Great points! My favorite is the one about freshness, even if Aunt Carol is great at putting flowers together – does she have a large cooler in which to store said great flowers?


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