Floral Backdrop Inspiration for Wedding Ceremony

Find inspiration for your floral backdrop! From outdoors to indoors to churches to parks, we have a few ideas on how you can use floral to create a beautiful, elegant backdrop for your big day!

Floral arrangements in floor vases, pots, or stands:

Photo by Laura Ann Photography

Photography by Laura Ann Photography.

Aster Cafe, backdrop, background, ferns

Photography by Tandem Tree Photography.

Megan Daas Photography, Aster Cafe, flowers, backdrop, background

Photography by Megan Daas Photography.

church weddings, church backdrops, church backgrounds, flowers

Photography by Eileen K. Photography.

Photo by Bellagala.

Photography by Bellagala.


Garland wrapped around arbor, arch, pergola, or other structure:

Photo by Erin Smith Weddings

Photography by Erin Smith Weddings.

Photo by Laurie Schneider.

Photography by Laurie Schneider.


Cascading floral from arbor (or other structure): 


One or two centered floral arrangements on arbor (or similar structure):

Studio 220, Outing Lodge, background, backdrop, flowers, floral

Photography by Studio 220.

Agape Moments, Artemisia Studios, Minneapolis wedding florist_0417

Photography by Agape Moments.

CT Ryan Photography, backdrop, background, flowers, garland

Photography by CT Ryan Photography.

Asher Krell, Artemisia Studios, Minnesota wedding florist, Hok-Si-La Park_0121

Photography by Asher Krell.


Floral arrangements on table:


Floral arrangements on altar:


Hanging floral arrangement:

background, backdrop, floral, flowers, weddings, Matt Lien, Aster Cafe

Photography by Matt Lien Photography.

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